Much like her mother, the kid tends to get into deep thoughts around bedtime. One night she came in to ask me who the first baby was and how the world was created. At 9 pm. Lately she’s been getting upset because she has so long to go until her next birthday. I think that was brought on by the numerous birthday parties she’s been to lately.

And then she was crying in her room and explained to Daddy that she was sad because she would run out of cuddle time soon. As in she thought she was going to get old enough that we wouldn’t cuddle with her.

Kid, let me tell you something: I will be hugging you and kissing you every chance I get as long as you’ll let me. You may not believe it right now, but someday you’re not going to want us to hug you and cuddle you because suddenly you’ll feel too old. Until then, I’m getting it in wherever I can. Seriously. You can’t stop me. No matter how big you get, you’re hugs will always feel better than anything else in the world. (She’s a great hugger, I think she inherited it from her Daddy).

Also, kissing your forehead is awesome, because for whatever reason your forehead is the softest thing in the universe. I’ve been doing it since we met, I’m not going to stop now.


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