I am a member of a local women’s business organization. We meet once or twice a month to network, talk to each other and share business practices in discussions online and in person.

The organization has a directory where you can find women who work in specific fields if you need their services. It’s meant as a means of supporting other women in business and supporting the growth of businesses with women in charge.

The question is this: Is being a part of an organization dedicated to women in business any better than being a member of any other business organization?

Seeing other women who have succeeded in business, gaining collective experience, knowing that you’re not the only one, these are all good reasons to connect with one of these organization. Men have a lot of examples of success in their image, women don’t… yet.

Support from women who have been there and done that is a great resource for young entrepreneurs, and getting involved in these organizations can build your network exponentially.

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