I was reading O Magazine and there was a short section on Mariel Hemingway’s ‘Things I Know For Sure.’ Number two was about spending time alone – going to a movie, having something to eat out. This time is valuable, she says. I could not agree more.

Since I was a teenager I have valued my alone time. Going to movies by myself is one of the great pleasures in my life. Going for walks, just me and some music. Strolling around a bookstore. Taking a road trip. I love it.

I know a lot of people are scared of being alone in public places but I’ve never really figured out why. Being able to think, write, type, listen to your own music, read a book. It’s only awesome possibilities.

I have always appreciated my alone time, but certainly since I became a mother I’ve become more attached to it, since it’s rarer now.

Not that I don’t love my kid, and spending time with her and watching her.

Together we're awesome
Together we’re awesome

But quiet has been hard to come by recently. Someone has inherited Daddy’s verbosity.

Some nights I just up and decide it’s a movie night, say goodnight and head out on my own. Some days I decide to take the dog out, just him and me. Some evenings I head down to my treadmill with my iPad and walk away while I’m watching some great TV. I relish it, my alone time.

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