In the past we’ve had problems with getting the kid places. We dealt with separation anxiety, we quit preschool last year because it seemed like she wasn’t ready. This year there were some hiccups at the start but she loved it and some days she would go into her classroom so quickly she didn’t even say goodbye.

Until last week.

Last Monday she declared she didn’t want to go to school. I took her anyway and she ended up in tears in the school hallway. Her teacher and I agreed that something was not right and that maybe she needed a day off. By the end of the week she was back with her class and happy.

And then today. Today she declared first thing that she didn’t want to school and whined and cried every time I brought it up. I decided I had to force the issue. It took an hour to get her dressed and into the car. When we got there she cried and tried to pull away as I walked into the classroom.

“I want to stay with YOU Mommy! I want to be with YOU!”

Heart breaking her teacher coaxed her in and I left without looking back. And went out to the parking lot to cry.

Her teacher called me a little while later to tell me she was fine, but on my end the damage was done.

What’s changed in the past couple of weeks right along with her attitude towards school? My schedule. I have been incredibly busy with work. I have been putting in a lot of hours and going to a lot of meetings and those things combined with the sinus infection I am currently fighting have made me much less available than I used to be.

My balance has been thrown off and the kid is feeling the effects and throwing them back in my face.

IMG_8375I am doing well in my business and I’m happy, but balance is totally impossible, something will always get left behind.


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