I am a proud Canadian who falls into a lot of the stereotypes we face as a nation. Hockey is certainly one of those. I raced back from school drop off to switch from the radio to TV broadcast of the women’s gold medal game and I woke up early on a Sunday with my family to watch the men’s.

When school was cancelled because of predicted freezing rain I was okay with that because it meant I wouldn’t have to miss any of the men’s semi-final.

I’ve written before about how hockey changed my life. Seriously, changed the path of my life.

There are a lot of sports I like watching, and live sporting event are always a fantastic time, but hockey is the be all end all in this house.


While watching the gold medal game and feeling that community pride I love so much when it comes to team Canada hockey, I saw people talking about having goaltender Carey Price carry the flag at the closing ceremonies, though the flag bearers had already been announced as our two-woman bobsled team who had one gold and displayed wonderful team dynamic.

This pisses me off.

Yes, we as a nation are hockey fanatics. A majority of us are, anyway. Across the country streets were empty and pubs were full.

But the wonderful thing about the Olympics is that is can take our minds off just hockey and show us all the other amazing athletes in sports we never really get to see. I was all for anyone other than a men’s hockey player carrying that flag.

These men get celebrated most of any of these athletes. They are certainly skilled, but sometimes they need to take a backseat.

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