I am a mother. For good or ill, it does define me. Mother isn’t all that I am, but it’s a 24/7 gig. I am all the mother my child has, and neither her life nor mine will be the same for it.

– T.F. Charlton

I am still reading through the essays in The Good Mother Myth and I have recognized myself in a lot of the book, but by far the piece of writing that has touched me most was the one above. It was written by a black woman whose essay was about raising a bi-racial daughter in a world that made assumptions about her and her family.

She talked about things I have never faced, will never face, but we had this one shared thing, and in that I could follow her story through her love for her daughter.

One of the amazing things about reading blogs, reading essays like these, connecting with other mothers, other women, other feminists, is the stories they tell that take me right out of my comfort zone, out of my white, middle class privilege, and remind me there are things I can’t take for granted. And things I should not take for granted.

Motherhood does define me, it has changed who I am and it has provided me with an undeniable connection to other women despite all the differences.

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