The Olympics are over again. The kid was disappointed to hear it as bedtime tonight, but then she realized that meant that Kids CBC will be back tomorrow morning and cheered right up.

This was her first real winter Olympics experience, given that she was just a little over a month old when Vancouver hosted. We turned it on every morning, we watched all kinds of different sports. She was fascinated by a lot of them, and she’s been putting on figure skating shows since the games started. One night she cried at bedtime because she couldn’t stay up to watch more sports.

This morning we watched the men win hockey gold, in a game that was not quite as enthralling as the women’s gold medal game.

There are a few things I hope she takes away from these Olympics:

  • Sports are a wonderful part of a life, and certainly part of a well-rounded life
  • You can take pride in working hard and doing your absolute best, no matter what result the rest of the world sees
  • Women are strong and powerful and can be great athletes on the highest levels
  • We are privileged to be Canadian, and we should be proud of any athlete that wears the maple leaf on their heart


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