Shortly after the baby girl was born I shocked myself by bursting into tears just looking at her. The love (and hormones) totally overwhelmed me. I was crying because I could not believe how much love this little person.

I thought that feeling would settle in. I thought I would get used to the amount of love I now carry around for this little person.

Sitting at dinner this weekend, she was talking away about a number of different things, laughing and chatting and I felt it all over again. My eyes filled with tears and I could not believe how much love there is in me for her.



She just keeps growing, she keeps amazing me with all the things she’s learning to do. She dresses herself, she’s doing her own hair. She swims underwater. She skates by herself. She makes things, she makes up stories. She’s never-ending.

I thought that I would get used to her, but she’s ever-changing and she keeps sweeping me off my feet.

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