A friend passed on the link to an opportunity for training for businesswomen and entrepreneurs and I’ve decided to apply. Part of the application process is to declare in some form or another your answers to their questions, and this is my business forum so I opted to answer them here.

The questions are fairly straightforward, and things I have been thinking about since I left a full time job to make my way almost two years ago now. The business has grown, I have gotten some wonderful opportunities and made great connections, and I want to do more.

So, here we go, for all to see:

What is the business I’m trying to build? 

This is FiveTwoTwo Communications, a place for me to provide virtual assistance and communications services to small business owners who need help but can’t hire a full time employee or provide office space. I am a resource.

Why me?

I work hard, I work quickly and I have a unique background that has provided me with a unique skill set. When I take something on I will do everything in my power to do it right and make my clients happy. My focus is being someone that people will come back to because I have provided them with a useful service.

I also happen to love what I do. Since my first job I have loved working, and now that I’ve found a niche that I’m really comfortable in I’m ready to build on that.

Why now?

I am no longer in the figuring out stage, I am in the building stage. My business plan has been written and I am pursuing my goals.

What do I need? 

I need mentoring. I need resources to help me build my skills so I can offer more to my clients. I need better networking skills so I can sell myself in person as well as I can on paper.

And so, SheEO, that is what I have to say about me, my business and my direction.

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