There are many times when I look at my daughter and see myself, clear as day. In her looks, her mannerisms, the way she talks and reacts.

Then there are times when she is absolutely, undeniably her Daddy.

IMG_8218Pure, unadulterated goofy.

She now dissolves into giggles whenever she says the word butt.  She makes weird jokes about peas. She finds something that gets a laugh and repeats it over and over. 

It seems that almost every day we go through a witching hour when the kid because a physical comic.

And boy howdy can this kid talk.

I love to hear her stories and songs and all the wonderful things she has to tell, but I am a generally quiet person. I need quiet in my day. If I haven’t had enough quiet or alone time in a day I get a little… peeved. We’re going to have to balance ourselves.


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