Sunday was the 50 anniversary of the Beatles appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, their first in North America. (That day also happened to be my mother’s 17 birthday – pretty cool birthday present, though she says you couldn’t really hear them).

When I was 12 my mother gave me Help! for my birthday and from that point I was Beatles obsessed. I bought myself A Hard Days Night and memorized it end to end.

I will always be a Beatles fan.

I will always be a music fan, with different songs and bands to take me right back to a moment in my life.

When I was going back to university and starting my life over at 23, unsure of whether it would work this time it was Simple Plan (much to Joe’s dismay).

When I moved to Regina for a month, away from my new husband, trying to find a job, it was Keane.

Raise a Little Hell will always put me in the front row at a hockey game, I’m Yours will put me at my wedding, ready to start a new life.The Luckiest will always, always take me back to that moment that Joe sent it to me over IM at the very beginning of our relationship – tingly and wanting to be together all the time. Love Reign O’er Me will always put me in my daughter darkened nursery, trying to rock her to sleep.

I have songs in my library that I don’t listen to often if ever, but they’re there because they define a memory.

It amazes me that music can put you in a moment like that, something that maybe the songwriter had no idea they were connecting to. These people will never know the times they define in someone’s life.


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