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Practicing Gratitude, long form

February 9th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Personal

So I’ve put together a few pages under that tab up there that I call Adventures in 2014. I’m keeping track of movies I see, books I read, fun things we’re doing, and I’m also practicing gratitude, because many people have told me that you feel better when you remind yourself about the good things in your life. There are big and little things in that list, and I’m trying to add to it every day so I can look back sometimes.

Today I thought I would expand on practicing some gratitude, because February 9 happens to be my mothers birthday.

My parents separated when I was three years old and my mother was a single mom, working to keep us fed and clothed and happy my whole life. When I was 20 and finally left home and went away to school I think she was as happy to see my out of the house and I was to be away, but she’s living with me again now, with my family, and I think we all appreciate having her here. I know her granddaughter does. Many a time do I get slighted for Grandma.

We’ve had our ups and downs, as all mothers and daughters do. My teenage years were no picnic for either of us. But I think she’s proud of who I am now, which I like to think is a representation of her. Lord knows I’m an awesome mom and I must have picked up some tricks.

I won’t post a picture of my mom here, because she would hate that, so I’ll post a picture of her favourite person in the world instead.



Just kidding (I think).


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