I was talking about what was happening in the Senate online when someone said something about what I was saying was “rich” coming from the NDP, which I found pretty funny since I’m not at all a spokesperson and, in fact, disagree with the party’s stance on the Senate.

I was simply asking a question about this move by Justin Trudeau to remove the 32 Liberal Senators from his caucus. Now these Senators will be sitting as “Liberals.”

He has also suggested the Prime Minister make the same move with his 57.

The thing is the Liberals are calling this “concrete action” to remove partisanship and patronage in the Senate. Which it’s not. At all. To me it feels like a rushed decision made after feeling a bit left out of the conversation.

It doesn’t actually mean anything, and it doesn’t actually change anything. It also goes against things that Trudeau has been saying about the Senate in the past few months.

We’ll see how it works out over the next few weeks and months.

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