I’ve been reading a lot of books lately, but today I wanted to take a bit of a break so I grabbed a magazine and got in a hot bubble bath. The magazine happened to be O, an issue my mother bought and passed on. I flipped through the pages, reading when I was interested and then came to an article on self-sabotage.

I read the first couple of paragraphs, stopped, and decided my bath was over.

The fact is that I know I sabotage myself. I make excuses, there are probably things I do that I don’t even realize. If I worked I could get to the reasons behind it all, but I’m afraid of what’s under there. Sure, there are underlying reasons, but what if knowing makes it all that much worse?

What if I kick the tires and the muffler falls off?

What if I do the hard things I’m supposed to be doing and it still doesn’t solve the problems?

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