The kid is currently taking swimming lessons on a weekday morning and immediately after her Sunfish lessons there is a baby class. All the moms (they are all moms in this class) line up before her class is over and she likes to see the babies get into the pool. She says she doesn’t remember when we did a baby class together, and she doesn’t remember the baby class she took with Daddy either.

This kid loves the water. People warned us that she would scream bloody murder when we gave her her first bath, but she was happy. She loves baths and she loves being in the pool. Swimming lessons were the first thing I did with her, as soon as I could sign her up. It was something to get us out of the house, it would be good for her and I knew she would like it.

Every week I see the moms line up with their little ones in tiny bathing suits and I remember taking those lessons with her, and then I turn to see her in the pool swimming on her own, jumping around in the water, diving under, as happy as can be.


At this week’s lesson she flipped under water and swam to her teacher. Tears came to my eyes.

She’s been taking swimming lessons almost her entire life, it’s something she loves, and I can see her improving almost every time she hops in the pool and it’s awesome. It’s unbelievable.

Swimming will be the first time she really sees how work and practice can make you improve and I love looking in her eyes and telling her how proud I am.

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