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Oh boy

January 20th, 2014 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting

Kid Are you listening to the news?
Me: Yup
Kid: What’s the news telling you?
Me: Different things, new buildings, the weather…
Kid: Sometimes the news tells you about bad things
Me: Yup
Kid: Like killings
Me: … yeah
Kid: Sometimes the news telling you that people are killing other people
Me: … yes, it does
Kid: And killing is bad, it’s not nice

I paused before each answer, wondering what to say, wondering where this was going, wondering what brought it on.

This is a conversation that happened around bedtime on the anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook. She was not yet four.

I was listening to the news, as I often am, but when she came in to the room they were doing the weather.

I watch the news all the time, I’m a news junkie, I follow politics, I get passionate about it and I want her to be passionate too, but I also want her to have a certain sense of blissful ignorance. There is too much in the world, and I want her to trust it.

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