This kid has always been pretty good at avoiding sleep. When she was a baby she couldn’t help it, obviously, but as a toddler she would occasionally stay up all night, and we have off and on had trouble with bedtime that leaves us wanting to pull our hair out.

Still, there’s something I have to appreciate about her tricks.

And not just that she’s so much like me in this respect.

She comes in, saying she needs help with this, she hurt herself, she needs to go to the bathroom, and then she starts talking. It’s almost as though she can’t sleep until she’s said everything she needs to say. Some nights when she’s coming out of her room over and over and over again, I just go and sit and listen to her.

Tonight is was something about school today. Sometimes it’s about the toys she’s playing with or what she’s imagining. Sometimes it’s about a dream she had the night before that’s bothering her now, as she tries to close her eyes again.

I try to let the annoyance drift away and remain calm, which is not always easy the tenth time she needs just one thing or has just one question, but letter her talk and listening to her allows me to be fascinated by her.


Like during the day I sometimes just watch her, I need to remind myself to take the time to just listen. She won’t always want to tell me everything.


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