There are people in my family that I call my cousins even though they’re not my first cousins because no matter how many times we try to define our actual relationship no one can remember the difference between a first cousin twice removed and a second cousin.

It’s all in the generations, but on my father’s side the generations really don’t make any sense. He’s older than my mother, his sister was older than him and so I have first cousins my mother’s age.

I also have three half siblings who are around 20 years older than I am. This complicates the tree. We didn’t grow up together and If you ask me if I have any siblings I’ll say I have a sister. Then later on when I mention my brother you’ll get confused.

Now try explaining all this to a 4 year old, poor kid.

A self portrait
A self portrait

My daughter has a grandfather and a great-grandfather who were born the same year. To make it even more complicated they’re both named Joe. Just like her Dad.

It’s going to be really great introducing her to my father’s cousin Joe.

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