There’s not a lot about the baby stage that I miss, really. I love the grown up kid, I love watching her learn new things and I love having conversations with her.

But there is one thing that takes me right back to that puddle of hormones and pure love that I was when she was brand new. Any time I see the swing that we had for her I get a little emotional. I have no idea why.

It was a great relief when my father bought us that swing as a gift. I could put her down and it would swing her to sleep, play a bit of music, rock her back and forth. It gave me a bit of time when I didn’t have to be holding her, I could just watch her, or eat something or stare off into the distance.



The thing is when she was a baby I could put her down somewhere and she would still be there when I came back. She was happy on her play mat or in her swing, and then later in the Jolly Jumper and the Exersaucer. Places where she was able to move, but basically stationary. Then she started walking and we’ve never looked back.

Seriously, she’s all over the place now, sometimes literally bouncing off the walls.

That swing calmed us both down, kept us both quiet, it made us both happier.

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