I am not a book blogger, but I am a blogger who loves reading and writing and love sharing books that I love, so I thought this year, since I’m trying to read more and have a goal of 50 books for the year, I might as well blog a bit about books. 

I’ve known about Stephen King for a very long time, of course, who hasn’t? I watched the mini-series of It when I was probably too young to be watching it and I’m still afraid of Pennywise. Seriously. I saw the movie Carrie and then read the book and was disappointed at the difference in focus between the two. The book was different and much better.

I watched The Shining years ago and was confused by all these people who kept insisting that it was classic and terrifying. Recently I watched the movie again, along with the documentary about it, Room 237, but I still didn’t see what all the fuss was about, and I knew that King himself was not happy with the film.

Finally, I decided to read the book.

Again, like Carrie, the characters in the book make so much more sense than in the movie version. They have background and motivation and reasoning. In the movie Wendy Torrance has no story. She’s a screaming lunatic and there’s no reason to care about her. In the book she has history, she has personality, the marriage has a story and the relationship between her and her son is much more clear.

Reading the book it feels to me like the movie was a waste of good actors – it could have been so much more. Unless it is actually about the moon landing.

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