Last year and again for 2014 I have defined my three words for personal growth, but this year I have to define my business as well. I am growing and enjoying everything I’m doing. I have been networking, attending events and meeting new people. In 2014 I hope to continue in this new direction, and so a great three words for me are these:

Learning, Growing and Openness

Learning is an essential part of being a successful entrepreneur and serving my clients. I have a background in journalism and communications, but there is much more I can offer and I plan on studying to stay on top of things. (The first thing I’m learning is how useful a tool Evernote can be. I also have video courses on Photoshop and InDesign to watch).

Growing is an essential trait of a successful business, but for me this word is not just about a growing client base, but also about growing trust with my clients and growing as a person. Networking is a big part of this for me, as the more people I meet and the more new connections I make the better off I am.

Being open has been a big thing for me this past year. I have been open to change and to new opportunities. I have gone to events I was scared about going to alone, I have met people and built my business, I have tried new things, all with just a little push from myself.

Do you have simple, straightforward goals for the year ahead?

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