One of the jobs I’ve been completing for a new client is entering information from business cards she has collected into a spreadsheet that she can then upload into Outlook, MailChimp or other databases. From seeing literally hundreds of business cards I have come up with a list of things you need to be careful about when designing your own:

1) Use a clear font

Script fonts do not belong on business cards where they will be reduced to a very small point size. You want people to be able to read and understand the information you’re giving them so they can easily see who you are and what you do, which brings me to point two;

2) Have the most pertinent information

Your business card should have you name, your business and a way to contact you.

3) Have only the most pertinent information

How likely is it that people you’re handing your card to will need quick access to your fax number? A business card is a very small space and some of that space should be left alone. Keep it simple, keep it legible, keep it clean.

Save the funky designs for your website.

4) Tell people what you do

If your business name is not clear or your title is generic then your business card needs to tell people what you do or what your business does. Once people walk away your card is all they have to remember you, and when they file it away they’re not necessarily going to remember what you said to them.

Don’t force them to your website just to remember more, because chances are you’ll just end up recycled.


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