I set a goal this year of reading more than I did in 2013, but I’m coming up about three books short (though I am currently reading two).

But I did find some great new authors this year that I will be following and reading as long as they’re writing, and I got to see a few authors speak about their writing, which is awesome and inspiring. I’m hoping to make my attendance at the Kingston Writers’ Festival a tradition in coming years.

Now I wanted to write a little post about my top books of 2013 so others might pick them up. Nothing like sharing the love of a great story:

1. Born Weird, Andrew Kaufman

Kaufman was the reason I went to the Kingston Writers’ Festival. I read a short review of Born Weird in a magazine and when I saw it at Chapters the next day I decided I had to read it, and I’m so glad this book called out to me. It’s the story of the Weird brothers and sisters. It’s strange and funny and awesome. I read Kaufman’s other two books as well this year, but Born Weird is by far my favourite.

2. Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell

I can’t remember where I first heard of Rainbow Rowell, but I was anticipating her book Eleanor and Park when it came out, and I really enjoyed that one, so I bought Fangirl as soon as it was released. Fangirl is a YA novel and a really great story about a girl who reminds me a bit of me. In fact, I’ve now read three of Rowell’s books and every single time two of the characters have a conversation that I swear I have had.

3. Transatlantic, Colum McCann

I read McCann’s Let the Great World Spin last year and loved it. McCann’s specialty is writing about several different people and having the stories eventually intertwine. You start off wondering how on earth everything relates, and then he makes it happen and it’s marvelous. While Let The Great World Spin was about a group of people existing in the same place at the same time Transatlantic goes through decades and across the ocean. It’s a really beautiful book and I will be highly anticipating his next project.

4. Life After Life, Kate Atkinson

I’ve been reading Atkinson’s mysteries for a few years now by Life After Life was an entirely different project. A life that stops and starts and changes. It’s beautiful and strange and lovely.

5. Fall on Your Knees, Anne-Marie MacDonald

This book has been one I’ve been meaning to read probably since it came out and never got around to, and I’m sorry I hadn’t read it until now. When I started reading I wasn’t sure what I thought or where the story was going and when I finished I was in love.

I have a pile of books left on my shelf that I will work my way through in 2014. I hope that the kid will be learning to read this year and I can start sharing some longer favourites with her and I’d also like to finally get around to re-reading some of my old favourites like the Anne of Green Gables series and the Thursday Next books. Now that’s 15 already.

I’m going to need to watch fewer TV shows.


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