I was excited for Christmas this year because it’s the first time the kid has been really aware of what’s happening, and we’re having lots of family to our house for the celebration, including all four of her grandparents in the same place at the same time.

But this Christmas has also proven to be more stressful for me and for the kid, because this is the first time she’s really aware of what’s going on and all the family is coming to us.

Turns out that lots of family in the house and a pile of presents under the tree leads to an overwrought, over-tired and over-excited preschooler.

The kid has a very hard time settling down at night, she isn’t staying asleep, and she keeps talking about the day after the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and how low the advent candle is getting, how many patches on her advent quilt, etc.

Tree trimmer
Tree trimmer


There will be a payoff for all this on Christmas morning. There are a few presents that I really can’t wait for her to open, and seeing all the family watching her is one of my favourite things.

But right now my body is sore and I’m tired and I just want her to have a good sleep.

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