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December 21st, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife | Parenting

The kid was born with a small mop of dark hair.


We thought it would fall out but it never did. Instead it became this awesome stand-on-end fluff.


When I found out we were having a girl – even before that, when I thought about having a girl – I was terrified of the idea of hair, and in the future make-up. The fanciest thing I’ve ever done with my hair is a pony tail. What if I had a daughter that wanted French braids and updos and clips and whatever it is you do with bobby pins?

The first time I cut her bangs it went really well, which I guess made me over-confident for the second time…


Now we’ve arrived at the time that she asked me for ponytails and pigtails, clips and braids, but refuses to let me just comb her hair a lot of days. She decided not long ago that she wanted to grow out her bangs, and I let her make that decision, but now she spend so much time with hair in her eyes. I think I need t start carrying a comb and hair clips in my purse with me. I feel as though I’m going to need to take classes to keep up with her.

Her current favourite: Three pig tails

Her current favourite: Three pig tails


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