Here in Ontario I gather they have removed cursive writing from the school curriculum. I vividly remember learning cursive in Grade 3, because my teacher made fun of my Rs and Is in front of the entire class.

Eventually I developed my personal style, my own handwriting. My signature has grown and changed over the years.

I have always been a person who carries around notebooks and pens and hand-writes things. I’m not a bad typist, but sometimes the ideas flow more freely in a good notebook with a smooth pen. I hope that my daughter will take joy in writing, pen to paper, the way I do. It’s a wonderful feeling.

The idea that she might not have her own, real handwriting is so bizarre to me, and now we’ll have to help her learn at home, and hope that watching us writing on paper is enough to inspire her to do the same.

I assume that cursive writing has been given up for other, more computer-centric learning, and I understand how important computer literacy is now, which it certainly wasn’t when I was in elementary school, but overall I vote for a more well-rounded kid.

There will always be lots of pens and plenty of paper in our house and there will always be people who put them to good use.

Her sign for Grandma and Grandpa
Her sign for Grandma and Grandpa

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