For community managers and bloggers writing in a voice that’s not your own can be difficult but the ability to change your voice based on your audience and the clients you’re writing for is a very important skill to possess.

What factors should be involved in deciding what voice to use?

1) Focus on the brand

Every brand is developed with some personality behind it and the brand you’re writing for should factor in to the voice you’re using. Is it a playful brand or a serious one? Will you converse with people or use your channels just to broadcast information? Are you going to answer questions you get or even jump in to conversations as they happen?

One of the most difficult things about developing a brand voice is deciding what tone you want to take and where you want to speak to your clients. Once that is decided you need to be consistent, especially in cases where more than one person is posting from your accounts.

2) Don’t be afraid to change your mind

If you plan on broadcasting only but find that you get a lot of questions from customers that you could easily answer, directing them back to your website, maybe you need to consider changing your strategy. A lot of people who are new to social media are very nervous and need to test the waters before they feel comfortable.

Some people will tell you you’re doing Twitter wrong, but I don’t personally believe there is a wrong way. Set goals, if you’re reaching them then you’re not doing it wrong.

3) Don’t jump in everywhere

Some businesses feel that they have to be on every network, but maybe your business doesn’t belong in the fast-paced, character limited world of Twitter. You don’t have to jump on the every channel just because you see other businesses succeeding there.

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