I have always been somewhat keen on politics.

Those that have known me in recent years will know that this is a slight understatement.

I grew up in the nation’s capital surrounded by adults who were engaged, so I grew up engaged. When I went to journalism school I was on the path to being a sports reporter but when I think back I might have pivoted towards politics. When I left journalism and went back to university I chose a degree in Political Science because it had the most courses that sounded interesting to me.

I wasn’t anticipating being able to get an actual job in politics, but then I did. When I left that job I did not leave behind my desire to be fully informed.

In fact, I have a passion not only for politics and for information, I also have a passion for informing people. I want people to know what’s happening so they can form their own opinions. I want people to vote, I want people to care. One of the most frustrating things in politics is finding people who just don’t care.

I tried to start a community, but it was hard and took time that I didn’t always have, and now Absolute Equality is paused, but when I talk about what I do and what I’m passionate about it still come back to that – I want people to care, I want to make it easier for them to care, because it is hard and everyone is busy.

So now I have to take a step back and figure out how to put that desire into an effort that’s going to make a difference. Seems like a good time to so that figuring.


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