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Badge of honour

December 8th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting

There is a hill outside the kid’s school that she likes to play on at the end of the day. I always let her have a little while before I get her back in the car to go home, as long as the weather is in our favour. When the snow finally arrived a few bigger kids from the school started bringing out sleds and the kid tried sliding on her bum. She liked it and I know she loves playing outside, so I told her I would talk to Daddy about getting her a sled of her own.

I found a little plastic one for $3 and surprised her with it after school one day and off she went, up and down and up and down for more than an hour, giggling most of the time.


And then one fateful slide down she tumbled and rolled, bum over head and came to a crashing, crying halt.

I paused, watched, heard the crying and ran over.

She looked fine, she was moving around, nothing was broken, nothing was bleeding. All she would say was that she hurt her face. I checked her teeth and looked for a split lip but still didn’t see anything wrong, so I asked if she wanted to go home or keep sledding.

Keep sledding.

It wasn’t until the next day that I noticed she had a bit of a scrape on her cheek. I cleaned it off and put on a bandage and she was totally fine.

On Friday I was on duty at school and several people noticed the small bandage on her cheek and many of them asked her what had happened. I noticed that the more people who showed concern the more proud she seemed to be of her little battle scar. A real injury with a real story behind it.

Lord help us the day this kid gets a cast that can be signed.

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