And now I have Fastball stuck in my head…

So I went to Toronto for #StrutTour13, which was very interesting and pretty fun. I got to meet a few people that I’ve never met in person before, I got to say hello again to some I have. I took the train down, which allowed me to get some work done, and I stayed overnight in a hotel because there was no train back late enough.

My train the next morning left around 9:30 and I wanted to make sure I could get to Union, find something to eat and get my bearings, so I ended up walking down the street and through the station right around rush hour. I’m a stay at home parent, this is many, many more people than I see in a normal day. In fact, this is many more people than I used to see on my daily commute – this is Toronto at Union Station.

When I’m in a strange place at a busy time it always gets me thinking: What if I am throwing off someone’s day just by being in a place that I’m not usually, taking up a space where there normally isn’t anyone.

What if I got on the subway and sat in someone’s usually seat, or stood in line for coffee ahead of them and delayed them that one minute.

It’s this little effect we can have on the world and not even think about it.

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