My sister was very excited to learn that President Obama referred to his grandparents as Tutu and Gramps, just like we do. Tutu was planned – my grandmother loved Hawaii and when my mother was expecting my older sister the title was decided. Gramps was Grandpa for the first while but when we got a bit older it turned into Gramps and he’s been Gramps ever since.

My other grandfather passed away long before I was born but my other grandmother was Granny.

Two distinct titles.

When we found out we were having a baby my mother tried to figure out a name for herself, but I vetoed a few ideas and then we decided to let it just happen organically. Right now that has left us with First Grandma and First Grandpa, Other Grandma and Grandpa Joe.

Grandpa Joe was inherited from my father’s eight other grandchildren.

(Yes, my daughter has a father named Joe and a grandfather named Joe. She also has a great-grandfather named Joe). 


We’re really not sure where First Grandma and Other Grandma came from. First Grandpa is called that by his association with First Grandma. I’m really interested to see how the terms evolve as she gets older.

Someone also noted to me at one point that this made my mother the OG, which is pretty great.

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