There has never been any doubt that the kid is a big fan of winter. She was a January baby and she once fell asleep in the stroller as I walked into a -35 degree windchill.

Joe calls it her ‘Spirit of the North.’

She gets excited about the snow as soon as there’s any hint of it. When we finally get snow that sticks she’s out playing it in as quickly as we can get her snow-pants on.


On Saturday it started snowing as we were out at breakfast. She’d had a busy day already, first swimming lessons and then gymnastics, but as soon as we got home she was ready to play. After about half an hour she came in for some hot chocolate, but it didn’t take too long for her to head outside again.

I love it. Winter is a big part of our lives here, taking over December, January, February and March at least, and she stays active that entire time.

While I’m away today and tomorrow I expect she will take great delight in the expected 15 cm or whatever ends up on the ground. She has been jumping up and down for every perceived snowflake since October and the snow is finally here.

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