I wrote here not too long ago about my bucket list. I’m not even sure how many years ago I made the list, more than a decade ago at least. There are a lot of things checked off now, but my life has also changed quite a bit – partly due to checking off ‘Get Married’ and ‘Be a mom’ –  there are things on my list I don’t care about any more, things that are too vague, and things that I think I’d like to add.

A few things I’m thinking about:

  1. Visit Cape Breton and the territories
  2. I made Joe promise me that at some point during out marriage he will take me on a cruise around Greece
  3. Visit Hawaii (my mom loves it there, I’ve seen pictures but never been)
  4. Go to New York City, take in every Broadway show I can manage
  5. See where I came from (Ireland, Scotland and Coventry, England)
  6. Write the book I know I have in me
  7. Be fit

I’ll add more, I’m sure I will. I’ll retroactively add things that surprise me (like when I lived in Montreal for two months and realized that it was a really great experience that I’d always wanted).

What’s on your list?

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