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November 19th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife

Sunday afternoon, Sens vs Stars

The kid has long been an advocate of a new baby entering our house. She wants a baby sister and she wants to be a big sister. So she says.

I’m not too keen on the idea myself. As I’ve written here before, I’m sort of cool with the only child thing.

An interesting thing has been happening lately. We have some friends at school and there is one little boy in particular she likes to run around with after school. He has a little sister that has become quite a fan of the kid. She likes her too.

Except that one day this little girl wanted to drink from the water fountain and her mom had gone into the classroom to get something. So I lifted her up.

“Mommy, why are you helping other kids?”

I told her that sometimes other kids will need help, and if I’m around I will help. I didn’t think of this as a big issue until I was on duty at school and helping other kids – as is the job of the duty parent. And she was upset then too.

That night she was talking to Grandma and saying again that she wanted to be a big sister. “Well, you know you’d have to share your mommy and daddy?” “No I wouldn’t!”

Yeah. This is going to take some explaining.

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