The kid has known her ABCs for a while, she can count to ten and she’s working on her letter sounds all the time. She loving rhyming and she asks a lot of questions.

A lot of those questions are ‘what does P start with?’ (as in what words start with the letter P) and what letter starts this word.

Usually when she asks me what letter starts a word I spell the whole thing out for her, to get her used to what letters make what kinds of sounds together.

She’s very good at remembering and can ‘read’ some of her books from memory. She now remembers how to spell C-A-T cat.

As part of redecorating I put a paste-up blackboard in there, and yesterday she asked to add a whiteboard, like the calendar I have next to my bed, so I did, and I gave her a marker. If she wants to practice writing and drawing, I’m all for that.

This morning I walked into her room. I had been changing our bed and was going to strip hers, and there she stood in front of the whiteboard, marker in hand, and there was this:



Yeah. That says Mom over and over. She was practicing. All by herself.

I may have gotten a wee bit teary.

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