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November 13th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in Parenting

My daughter was introduced to Play Doh maybe a little before the recommended age, but it was something I used to love and she loved it right away too.

Another thing I loved was Lego, and all the various structures you could build. I was not quite as good as some of these master artists that seem to be able to make anything and everything, but I could build towers and houses with the best of them. I also loved the little Lego people.

When I heard about the introduction of Lego for girls I thought it was stupid. Lego was for girls. I’m really much more interested in introducing my daughter to the enter colour spectrum rather than all the shades from lavender to baby pink. Still, when my kid showed interest in one of these new pink Lego sets, I thought we might as well use this as an introduction to one of my favourites.

What I’ve discovered about these new Lego kits is this: The Lego women are not nearly as stable and easy to play with as the old boxy ones – their hair doesn’t stay on, they don’t fit nicely in the Lego structures – and that instead of trying things out on her own and building whatever she can, my kid asks me to build what’s on the box and thinks there’s nothing else to do.

I’m hoping this will change as she gets older, but right now it’s so very frustrating that this re-design has limited her. More than just giving girls the limited colours, the beauty salons and restaurants instead of anything else.

What I want is just a box of Lego, no instructions, no guides, just Lego, even if it is pink and purple.

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