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November 12th, 2013 | Posted by Amy Boughner in #ToddlerLife | Personal

I’m a pessimist. I over react. I assume the worst. I get frustrated when I can’t figure things out.

This is me, I’ve been this way all my life, whether it was learning how to read or writing essays or breastfeeding.

Now my personality has become a ‘say as I do, not as I say’ thing as my kid is showing more and more signs of being like me.

Her toy “NEVER” stands up the way she wants it to, it “ALWAYS” falls down.

“But look…” I tell her. “It’s standing up right now. You did that, sometimes it doesn’t stand up but sometimes it does, right?”

“It’s all my fault.”

Oh geez.


She’s like me, that’s a fact, she inherited a lot of me – also a lot of her daddy. She’s smart and she wants to get things right, and when it doesn’t happen right away the frustration builds.

So we take a step back, we talk to her, we try to get her to change her thinking, to see things a little more grey than black and white.

But here I am, still angry with myself for ALWAYS messing that up, and for being so STUPID and making that mistake.

Forgetting she’s watching.

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