I’ve been watching hockey for a long time now. I’ve been a huge fan, a homer, a sports reporter and my interests have dwindled from watching or listening to or attending EVERY SINGLE GAME to sort of kind of knowing what’s going on, watching parts of games, attending a few a year.

Sunday afternoon, Sens vs Stars
Sunday afternoon, Sens vs Stars

During this time I have developed some pet peeves concerning those people watching a game around me. The people who over-imbibe, the adults who swear and scream, paying little to no attention to the children in their vicinity, the people who have no actual interest in the game but keep asking what’s going on…

Earlier this year Joe and I were at a game and he started laughing because the young man behind us committed two major fouls in my view. He sat there, wearing a jersey, involved in the game, and out of his mouth came two of the most frustrating ‘cheers’ I hear at hockey games:

“Shoot it!”

“Hit him!”

Actually, this particular young man chose “Take the body!” rather than your generalized “Hit him!” and thus gets points for that.

I don’t understand these people who yell shoot it and seem to do it at the most inopportune times? They were in the corner, battling, yell out “shoot it!” If the team took your advice, dude, we’re probably looking at a turnover or an icing call. Seriously.

I’ve also heard this call of support when the team is in the defensive zone.

If you’re at a game and you want to cheer but you’re at a loss as to what to say, a good old “Let’s go boys!” always does the trick.

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