One thing I have struggled with since starting my own business is the elevator pitch. What do I do and what are my skills and how can I tell someone succinctly so they’ll know if they want to work with me?

Things have been ebbing and flowing since I left my full time job a year and a half ago and I wasn’t sure how to define what I do and what I offer. Lara Wellman of Wellman Wilson was the first to suggest Virtual Assistant as a title for me because it could encompass everything I do and give people an instant better understanding.

When I attended a session with Shelagh Cummins and Lara Galloway at Blissdom I walked away with a one page business plan and, finally, my elevator pitch.

A virtual assistant, like me, is a resource for small businesses. Those people who can’t hire a permanent employee, give them office space, and feed them consistent work. A small business owner who is growing can use a virtual assistant to free them up to focus on growth and serving their own clients.

A virtual assistant is an on-call employee that can take care of anything keeping your schedule organized, to booking your travel arrangements, to keeping your social media up to date and answering your emails.

I certainly like to view myself as a resource, and I think my clients would agree with that assessment.

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