Years ago I started making calendars for my family with pictures of the dog, and then of the dog and the kid. I’d get them printed up and put them under the Christmas tree.

Last year I forgot and this year I started gathering pictures to start up again. 

The thing about using pictures of the kid from the past year is that by that month in the next year she’s going to be a completely different kid. She looks different, acts differently, it’s almost hard to look at recent but not too recent photos and really see her in them. She’s changing so quickly.


It was much easier with the dog. He was teeny, and then he grew and he’s been one size for seven years. Doing adorable things.

It’s a great Christmas project but having those pictures hanging around the house when she’s grown three inches in the last few months. She’s doing different goofy things all the time, climbing higher, running faster, saying more funny and ridiculous things.

Maybe it’s a good way to press pause. As much as we can.

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