A few weeks ago the kid had a school field trip to a local farm. It was mostly clear while we were visiting but it had been raining, so there was plenty of mud around. At the end of the trip the kid wanted to take a few splashes through one deliciously large mud puddle and I obliged.

We were on our way home, what was the harm?

Before the splash
Before the splash

She jumped and splashed and giggled. I took pictures and laughed along. Her last, biggest splash, left her with mud on her face and my doubled over. One of the farm workers couldn’t help but laugh too.

I posted some of my pictures on Facebook and a couple of comments from friends told me she was lucky to have a mom who let her have such messy fun. I was surprised. She’s a kid, who would refuse her a little dirt?

I’m still cleaning mud out of her boots, the dress went into the garbage after two attempts to wash it, but I dressed her in clothes that were meant to get dirty anyway. We were headed to a farm.

Why would I drag her away from the fun and memory making? Especially when I could get awesome pictures.


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