I tried to avoid it, but here we are, the kid’s a walking, talking, pink and purple, frilly stereotype of a little girl.

And you know what? I was too. When I actually think back to my little girl day’s, before my all black all the time phase, I was dresses and princesses and pastels.

Just hangin'
Just hangin’

The kid has a thing for Disney princesses. She loves Belle, she knows Ariel is my favourite, she has a Cinderella doll. We’ve discussed the fact that Sleeping Beauty is also called Aurora. She knows all of their names and what they look like.

She has never seen any of these movies.

No, that’s not true. She watched The Little Mermaid with us and might have kind of almost paid attention.

She’s three, her attention span is lacking. The only movies she’s actually sat down and watched with me are Despicable Me and The Muppets. (Both of which I highly approve of).

But here’s the thing, even if I could get my hands on the movies that are currently locked in the “Disney Vault” and will be just a bit too expensive for my liking when they’re released, she probably would give up on watching them less than half an hour in. That’s what happened with Cinderella. Twice. She didn’t even get through the scene with the singing and the birds and Gus Gus.

She has told me clearly on a few occasions that she does not want to see any of the princess movies that have witches.

I got bad news for you, kid.

I don’t know why she doesn’t want to watch the witches. (In my opinion, Maleficent is one of the greatest characters of any Disney princess movie ever). I don’t know if it’s scary or if they’re bad and that’s what’s causing her hesitation, but I don’t know how to explain to her that in these movies the good guys always win.

I’m not sure how to tell her that since it’s not true in real life. 

I want to tell her that that’s just how movies go, it’s the story arc, good vs evil and good will out. And if she’s afraid of witches then how I am ever going to convince her to read Harry Potter with me? Or introduce her to Wicked, which I have now seen three times?

This is important stuff.


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