If there is one thing I’ve heard repeating from various resources over and over again in my life as a writer it’s this: Write every day.

Stephen King says so, Ernest Hemingway did it, John Steinbeck suggests writing a page a day. Writers of all sorts know that reading and writing are the best ways to improve your writing.

For the fourth time this year I will be taking part in National Novel Writing Month, and am consider attempting my third year of National Blog Posting Month.

The focus of NaNo, like so many university essays, is getting your word count. You start writing and then the flow comes and suddenly you can’t stop. The focus of writing practice could also be sentence structure and self-editing.

Writing every day is not just about fiction, it’s about improving all your skills.¬†Writing is a craft, something to practice and hone.

I’ve been saving some of my favourite writing tips on a pin board for my reference. NaNo away!

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