When we moved into this house I let the kid help me pick out the paint colour for her room, but that was about it in terms of decorating her room. Now she’s been having trouble sleeping and making strange statements like her stuffed animals don’t want her sleeping in bed with them. There’s always too much or too little.

Yellow walls, bright pink curtains, random lamps

It’s also been really difficult getting the lighting right. She’s not quite comfortable having it dark at night, but the lamps you see above are too bright.

After a few nights of struggles we decided that it was time to get the kid’s input and redecorate her room. The yellow walls will be painted calmer pink (her choice, not unexpected). The large, dark bookshelf will be moved out and lighter, white pieces will be moved in.

We went shopping with Grandma a few days ago and picked out some great pieces. Grandma is now on vacation, going to Hawaii, and when she comes back we will have a great new space to show her. Hopefully a calming one where the kid wants to spend time playing and sleeping.

I didn’t realize when we started how excited I would be until we started. Now I can’t wait to see the end result.

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