Lately the kid has been all about the definitives.

Girls like unicorns and boys like Spider-Man, princesses can’t be superheroes.

She knows that her Aunt loves Spider-man, and so does one of her good friends. I told her Wonder Woman was a princess.

She was getting dressed and pulled pants out of her drawer, but didn’t want pants because those are ‘boy things.’ I was wearing jeans at the time. In fact, I usually am. I’ve accepted that she prefers dresses, but I can’t accept this reasoning. At this rate she’s going to start getting angry with me for the way I used to dress her when I had control.


What do I know about coordinating outfits? And she looked nice in blue.

It got worse.

She didn’t want Daddy dropping her off at school because she “doesn’t like boys.” She said that again this week, before admitting to liking Daddy and one of her cousins and asking me what other boys she should like. I opted to mention her two Grandpas and Great-Grandpas, her uncle who she seems awfully fond of…

She didn’t mention the three boys that she regularly plays with after school these day, or the one that she calls her best, best friend.

I’m not sure when or how this snuck in to our house, but I don’t like it. This declaring what can and cannot be.All of these definitives have been proven wrong to her, but she still can’t seem to get the judgments.

I thought I had more time to mould her young mind before this sort of thing started happening.


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