I was in kitchen-induced rage a few mornings ago. It wasn’t just the leftovers over-filling the fridge. It wasn’t just that no one had taken a new loaf of bread out of the freezer. It wasn’t just the dishes over-flowing the sink.

It was the total disorganized, overwhelming mess. And when I come across such totally overwhelming messes, I develop a great desire to DO SOMETHING to fix it all.

The one thing I have been unhappy with since we moved in to this house is the kitchen. It’s a beautiful kitchen, we added an island and we have plenty of space. I can cook with the kid, Joe and I can cook together.

Realistically we have plenty of space. We have enough cupboards for everything, but the cupboards don’t make sense.

We have one very long cupboard with no shelves. We have a side-by-side fridge that we got with the house that is not really big enough on either the freezer side or the fridge side.

I want to take my kitchen and I want to Pinterest it up. That’s right, I made a pin board. I want the shelves to make sense. I want to avoid being that lady on the commercial who drowns in an avalanche of tupperware.

I want a family command centre that isn’t a total mess.

I bought some things to make it all a little better and this weekend we’re going kitchen organization crazy!

How do you you keep control of your kitchen?


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