When the kid was first born I tried to stop swearing. Or, I tried and then decided she couldn’t understand what I was saying. Three years later I have settled for not swearing as much.

I was never big into profanity until my career in journalism and then politics. I’m not sure exactly when or why I become a potty mouth, but there’s something so forceful and stress relieving about the right word in the right situation. That includes a great vocabulary and swears.

The kid said something at one point when she was just learning to talk that I decided to interpret as truck. These days she clearly demonstrates that we all need an exclamation of sorts. She gets frustrated and shouts “oh pickles!” Thanks to Franny’s Feet for that.

As an aside, I hate that show. The kid steals peoples shoes.

Our little angel had recently, however, begun saying “oh fffff.” It’s making me very nervous.


I’m not one to ban words, I just try to teach her proper usage. People are not stupid, we say, people can do things that are stupid.

The problem is when we teach her such things she calls is out on our own foibles.

“Mommy, don’t say hate.”

“Oh crap.”

“Why did you say oh crap?”

Oh crap.


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