When my daughter was about a year old she stopped napping regularly. When I mentioned this to our doctor she told me that was basically impossible.

Apparently without naps, and waking as early as she always has, she should have been falling asleep in her lunch. Except she wasn’t.


She had gone from two naps a day to one, down to rare and random naps in the car. For a while if we knew she needed a nap we could drive her around for a bit and she would be out, now that isn’t guaranteed.

This kid? She’s not normal. The more tired she is the more energetic she gets and the more she fights sleep. She already fights sleep pretty hard. Just like her mama.

Lately we’ve been dealing with an overtired kid being awake for two hours or more after bedtime. Sometimes getting upset with us for wanting her to sleep, sometimes moving around the room. She told me she doesn’t like to sleep for a long time. She calls out asking when it will be morning. 

We’ve read books about why sleep is important, I remind her about activities that we’re planning for the next day and that she’ll need energy, and for that she needs sleep.

People talk about missing the baby stage. The one thing I really and truly miss is the way she used to fall asleep willingly, anywhere, any time.

Canada Day, Parliament Hill
Canada Day, Parliament Hill – The Queen was there. She slept through the 21 gun salute.

I’m hoping once she learns to read. Once I learned to read I would go to bed willingly so that I could sneak over to my night light and get into my book. That’s why I used to have so many blankets that had burn marks on them.

I mean, it has to get easier at some point, right?

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