The kid started school about four weeks ago now. Half days, four days a week. It’s been really good for her especially as she’s started making friends. Every afternoon she plays with some of her classmates after school. Kids have learned that she’ll be climbing the rocks if they want to find her and play with her.

The day I had classroom duty I got the chance to talk to all three teachers in the classroom and they all had great things to say about her. Things that nearly brought me to tears in the middle of a room full of two and three year olds.

Apparently the teachers have had a similar effect on her. Every night before bed her imagination takes her right back to the classroom. At night she has to have certain stuffed toys in bed with her – her circle, and there was one toy that I was told to take with me because it was a parent that was not on duty that day.

I absolutely love that she enjoys school so much that she doesn’t really want to leave even at the end of her day.

When I learned about the five new Little People characters Fisher-Price is introducing I was drawn to Sofie right away. She wears glasses, which is inevitable for the kid in the next few years, and she has a wild imagination and lots of curiosity. That’s my daughter.

Sand bakery
Sand bakery


Still, there’s something of her in each of the five: dancing and twirling with Tessa? She’d love that; running and jumping with Eddie? She’d challenge him to a race; collect and sort things with Mia? Let me tell you about her rock collection; and Koby is all about laughing, so they’d have to share knock knock jokes.

Little People are one of those toys I remember fondly from my own childhood. I had the farm. I still remember the sounds it made. My daughter has had the Happy Sounds Home for well over a year and is still playing with it. Little People characters also make great stocking stuffers.

In October and November Treehouse will hold a Little People, Big Discoveries contest and parents can enter to win one of five Little People prize packs.

LP Big Discoveries[1]

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