One of the biggest messages that I heard from successful people at the Blissdom Canada conference was this: You just have to do the things you want to do.

Erica Ehm, who I remember well as the MuchMusic VJ and who I know now as the head of the Yummy Mummy Club, told a packed room that she gets things done because she ASKS.

Have a question or something you want? Ask. Ask for a job or an internship, and demonstrate the passion that you feel.

Want to write a book? Well, that takes writing. Think you don’t have the time? Make time.

If you’re not taking steps towards what you want then you won’t get it. It’s just that simple. And every time you fail, it will probably hurt less than knowing you just didn’t try.

It makes so much sense, funny that it has to be repeated multiple times over the weekend for it to really sink in.

Since we got back to Ottawa on Sunday I have been taking steps to make things happen for myself. What have you done today to get something you want?

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